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Trendy Summer

Andre Wardrobe

Posted on June 12 2018

Hello There!
     I am super happy and grateful to be able to write my first blog that I've been wanting to begin for a while now, however, due to my schedule, or more specifically, my organization, I have been delaying this in favor of my duties, but here I am!!!
Here comes the first one...
God's time is perfect, that's why I believe my first post should be about one of my favorite things... the famous season of summer!!! It's the season in which all women diet to have the summer bodies we wish for and sometimes fail to achieve (more like all the time). I'm guilty of that too ;)
What we can't fail in is the trends of fashion, so easy to follow so long as we guide ourselves with fashion magazines...
Stripes, flowers, or polka dots can't be missing in our closets this summer.
Trending colors include green, aquamarine, fuchsia, and every other color we're afraid of... those are the ones being used...
My recommendation to you women, those who are slightly reluctant to use such vibrant colors, is to combine them with solid and basic colors you prefer, such as white.
A maxi skirt with colored prints along with a simple white t-shirt shows off that fresh and relaxed summer look.
Bamboo, straw, or weaved purses are a plus for any outfit this season.
Large earrings with lots of fringe are totally IN!
Dare to leave your comfort zone, and remember that life is too short to wear boring clothing ;)

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